Easy Sailing

by Daniel Aaron

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My first full-length album.

Windblown memories of living free and buoyancy, the carefree history of sincerity, floating through what happens to be, continually, the paradoxical dream of the cloud on the open sea.


released January 18, 2010

Grown from a soil of rock, with a trunk made of the freedom of expression, extending through branches of folk, flowering into the acoustic textures of leaves of peace, shading, nesting, or falling gently to the ground, depending, of course, on the season...

Written, recorded and produced by Daniel Aaron.



all rights reserved


Daniel Aaron Boulder, Colorado

Daniel Aaron grew up in Sharon, Massachusetts, a suburb south of Boston, and currently resides in Boulder, Colorado. He makes music as a way of processing emotions and ideas.

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Track Name: Time Slides ^ We Be
‘Time’ is the arena in which illusions play;
‘Love’ is the open nature in which is only today.

The horse is in the stable, standing in stability.
It’s not what you do—Life is what you want to be.

Remember when you’re sliding, turn into the skid;
so when you face the music, don’t tense your shoulders kid.
Track Name: /In\ \Out/
Hey you, out there.
Want to come in here?

Hey you, in there.
Want to come out now?

Oh. Oh. Oh.
Ooo hoo hoo;
Track Name: HERE NOW
Remember to breathe.

We’ve never been here now before.

The breath you’re breathing right now
is the most important breath of your life.
Track Name: The Scientist Seeker
I’ve been searching for the essence of our lives;
I’ve been looking for what sees through our eyes.
Experiments at night, sleeping off and on but I
just can’t seem to find exactly what we are.
Without results I just can’t cope, now I’m starting to lose hope.
I’m not even sure we exist at all.

All our souls are dreams.

Now I find myself… but I don’t know where I am:
Creatures I’ve never seen; a purple umbrella flower floating through my hand.
It’s a fairy tale, a planet’s vapor trail,
Liberty I never knew I could feel.
Then I open my eyes and I am mystified:
That was me just then, but is that flower real?

All our dreams are souls.
All our souls are dreams.

“This is all a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago.” – (from Box of Rain by The Grateful Dead)
Track Name: Wut i Luv
Oh let me tell you what I love.

I love every thing.
Track Name: Truth
There is depth to this game.
We give attention, we swim deeper.
We discover, we uncover:

In the deepest of darkness,
we discover Truth.

Awareness is our breath.
Track Name: The Great Adventure
It’s been said that dying is a lot like diving into an icy cold river. At first, it can be quite shocking. But eventually, it’s as if the separation between your body and the water melts, and combines, and joins, and unites; and there’s no longer any difference between you and everything else; and there’s no cold in your way; no force pushing or pulling that you disagree with.

I thought I died once.
I looked up at the sky.
It looked the same as it always had looked.
I just didn’t know anymore if I was alive.
“Is this death?” I asked.
Is this death?
Well, if it is,
it’s not so bad.
Track Name: Why Does the Ocean Kiss the Shore?
I used to play the world like a game,
until a friend told me it was I being played.
Now all I know is I’m just not sure.
So come and sit on the slow, slapping shore.

There once was a girl who loved my kiss,
and I loved hers. We called ourself bliss.
We went together everywhere in town;
you can ask other people, they all saw us around.
Then one midnight, I awoke and she was gone from our bed.
I walked through the halls, my feet fell like lead.
There was a cold wind blowing through an open door,
so come and sit on the soft, sighing shore.

I met the Grim Reaper on the highway last night:
everything got dark, and then it got light,
and the Deep Death was floating in the middle of nothing.
It said, “Hello, child. How about we do something?”
“Do something?” I said, “But, haven’t I just died?”
The Grim Reaper turned away and said, “Heaven, you decide.”
Then it was gone and I drove on some more.
So come and meet on the strong singing shore.

I woke up swimming somewhere in the sea
and realized just then what it is to be Free.
I looked around at the sun and the sky,
I looked down and saw life swimming by.
Whether I’m alive or dead, I can all-ways call here now my home.
And with sights and with sounds and colors and movements that don’t end,
Well I know I can never be alone.
So I’ll keep swimming with ease or with pain.
I’ll silence weak thoughts, I’ll forget the game.
And it doesn’t matter if anyone is keeping score.
so come and meet me on the safe, simple shore.
Track Name: Memory
The Memory lives on.

So, I decided to remember the present,
and the present replaced my past.

Then, I decided to remember nothing,
and nothing replaced the present.

Now I am happy,
and the memory is gone.